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A complete fraud prevention and payments portfolio

ReD Shield® fraud prevention

ReD Shield is a real-time, fully managed fraud prevention service for ecommerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs).

It detects and manages both domestic and cross-border retail payment transaction fraud across multiple sectors.

ReD Shield detects fraud across all payment types and protects transactions that are accepted over the internet, via mail order, telephone order or via interactive TV.  The ReD Shield service provides instant decisioning (accept/challenge/deny) utilizing multiple advanced technologies to ensure that valuable transactions are processed while potentially fraudulent ones are identified and isolated.

ReD PRISM® fraud prevention

ReD PRISM is a powerful transaction monitoring and risk management solution for card issuers, merchant acquirers, processors and switch networks.  It is available both as a licensed solution and a managed service and utilizes predictive and neural scoring and rules-based technologies to provide real-time (RT) and near-real-time (NRT) fraud decisioning.

ReDi Business Intelligence Portal

ReDi is an interactive self-service Business Intelligence portal available to our ReD Shield customers, that provides a near-real-time and historic window into ReD’s processing systems. The portal is accessed via the internet and provides high level dashboards and charts which enable our customers to monitor their fraud detection, prevention and payment activities.  The intuitive navigation and drilldowns take the user through layers of information, all the way down to individual transactions, in just a few clicks.

ReD Fraud Xchange™

ReD Fraud Xchange provides timely access to rich payment transaction data enabling merchant/issuer collaboration in the fight against payment fraud. The ReD Fraud Xchange service supports a two-way, real-time and near-real-time exchange of information between merchants and issuers – for faster fraud detection.

Now, you don’t have to wait days or even weeks before knowing that fraud is happening. With faster access to information, you can act more quickly to protect customers, reduce losses and lower the costs of chargeback management.

ReD Payment Gateway

The ReD Payment Gateway provides integrated global payment processing and fraud prevention via a single interface that delivers both real-time and batch authorization, fraud prevention and settlement services.  The gateway connects more than 100 countries using more than 100 currencies around the world, through 80 banks and acquirers and at least 65 different payment brands.  The solution is PCI compliant globally.

PRISM® is a trademark of Retail Decisions Inc., registered in the United States

ReD Shield® is a trademark of Retail Decisions Inc., registered in the United States and the European Community